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How to Move House

Tips, Advice and Guidance on How To Move House (the easy way!)

Moving home has never been so easy. When you move with Sydney City Removalists, we want your relocation to be simple and easy. Here is step by step plan to making your removals experience easier and more efficient. Remember, a shorter move is cheaper and less stressful....


Keep an overnight bag with your toiletries and towels with you. This is a great way to avoid the stress of rummaging through boxes at the end of the day just to enjoy a nice bath.

How to move and some moving tips.....

1. Make a note of all of your home contents, access at both your new and existing home to allow us to assess the size of your move and estimate the length of time your move will take to complete.

2. Contact Sydney City Removalists on 1300 920 570 to arrange a no obligation FREE removals quote or request an in home quote (2 bedroom and above).

3. Book your removal with Sydney City Removalists on 1300 920 570 as early as possible to secure your preferred moving date and time.

4. Arrange packaging materials and at least two weeks to pack your home.

5. Methodically pack your contents ready for your move being sure to label the boxes with contents and the destination room.

6. Pack an overnight bag with your toothbrush and towel so you can relax when you move in. Unpacking can be an arduous task so be prepared.

7. Sit back and let us take care of the move!!

Pre packing

At Sydney City Removalists we offer a complete end to end pre packing service, however, should you wish to pre pack yourself, here are a few tips.

1. Removal Boxes – Always use industry standard boxes to save you time and money. Sydney City Removalists provides a limited number of quality boxes for your move free of charge. Call now to find out more about our amazing free box offer.

2. Heavy items including books, wine and kitchen utensils should always be packed in “crystal” removal boxes allowing a safe and efficient move. When packing a box, makeu sure there is no air gap at the top prior to sealing, you can fill the space with paper or linen to save money.

3. All other items should be packed in “tea chest” removal boxes. Ie linen, clothes, manchester, lamps and other light items.

4. Avoid using free boxes from a shop or fruit boxes. Firstly they take longer to pack and most importantly slow the team down when loading the removalist vehicle.

5. Always seal the removal box so it has a flat top. If the removal box is the shape of a triangle, it will be harder to pack in the removal truck and will take longer to pack.

6. Use fresh butchers paper to pack all of your glassware and be sure to avoid any friction in the removal box by separating plates with a piece of butcher paper. You can use newspaper however, be prepared to wash your plates to avoid ink!

7. When packing plates always use clean butchers paper and stack them perpindicular to the bottom of the removalist box, as plates are stronger when moving perpendicular to the up/down movement of the vehicle.

8. Label each removal box with the contents and destination room to allow the removals team to place your household goods in the correct room at your new home.

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The team from Sydney City Removalists made the move an absolute delight. I have moved many times before and have never had such a polite and helpful team assist me with the removals. Tom and his boys arrived on time, they even rang to see if I wanted them to come any earlier, and got to work straight away. They took great care with all my belongings, and even packed those odd items that I hadn’t had the chance to organise. They were fantastic, polite and friendly. They made what is usually considered a nightmare so easy. I will be using Sydney City Removalists for any future needs and have already recommended them to friends and family.

Katie McFadden, Epping

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